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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day two

A few hours after dinner last night I felt really gassy. I think my tummy is getting used to not only all of the produce but also digesting food period since the cleanse. It's not a whole lot of fun. I also felt really energized and couldn't go to sleep for a long time. I might have to move dinner back or just eat really light.

Today is Sunday, which for my family means "church day". There normally isn't a whole lot of time to eat breakfast so I usually skip. But for the sake of the experiment/ challenge I decided to make time for a smoothie.
Breakfast consisted of a green smoothie (recipe compliments of my sister Heidi) which had a couple handfuls of romaine lettuce, a banana, and a handful of strawberries.
It looks really gross, but it wasn't too bad. I think I'll stick to green smoothies with more berries in them and I'll use spinach or kale instead of romaine.

After church the kids and I got home and I needed to hustle to get lunch ready since it was already almost 2:00. Luckily I had my extra taco from yesterday, so that's what I ate. I made a few adjustments though. I traded the collard green for a couple of romaine leaves. I also heated it up for about 15 seconds so that it wasn't refrigerator cold but also not too warm for Raw standards. I won't post a pic since I already posted one yesterday.

One thing I have noticed so far is that I get full really fast, but I am also hungry again in a couple of hours. By 4:30 I was feeling kind of snackish so I cut up some watermelon.
I am not sure exactly what the Raw stance is on watermelon, namely seedless watermelon, since it is technically a GMO. So after this one is gone I won't buy another one just in case.
I got hungry again about 30 minutes later and ate some of the left over "spaghetti" from last night. And guess what? Just like with regular spaghetti it tastes better the next day. A few bites were enough and then I was done.

For dinner I was going to do "Lasagna" but I was over that idea after the few bites of "spaghetti". I decided to try to recreate my taco from earlier. I was short on some necessary ingredients, like almonds that had been soaked to soften. So I made a walnut Pate instead and tried to season it "taco-like". Then I made fresh salsa and a creamy ranch with a hint of lime. The "ranch" was made out of soaked cashews, seasoning, lemon juice, and fresh basil and dill. It came out really good. The salsa had tomato, cilantro, minced garlic, jalapenos, onion, and lime. It didn't taste right though, so I asked my Guatemalan father-in-law to taste it and he said that I blended it too much and made it salsa (which needs the tomato to be cooked) instead of pico de galo which is fine raw. But it still worked.

I used the lettuce to make the tacos and I ate about 4 which made me way too full. The walnut pate was ok at best. I will definitely have to use the right ingredients next time. Luckily the salsa covered up the taste. :)

Now for the BEST part of my day and arguably the best part of this exercise..... I made Raw mint chocolate chip ice cream!! The ingredients included 4 frozen bananas, mint extract, and a tablespoon of chocolate chips. That's it! Blend it in the food processor and Waaalaaa! Delicious tasty ice cream for me! If nothing else could have sold me on the Raw diet, this did. Fo Sho.

And just in case you don't take my word for it, my mother-in-law tried it and said it tasted just like ice cream too.
That is one of the best things about this diet that I love. I can still have dessert, without putting crap or artificial wannabe ingredients into my body. the raw diet doesn't have to pretend. Take that Atkins, Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers, etc... You wish you were this cool.
Anyways, tomorrow is another day. And I'm gonna eat some ice cream. :)

P.S. Tomorrow I start running again since the cleanse. I will log that too.


  1. Yaaaay, Dani! You're gorgeous!

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  3. Thanks! I am so excited to try your broccoli salad! I'll post pics when I do. (obviously ^) :)

    **I had a spelling error on the above post and there wasn't any edit option.